Move and groove to your favorite beats right within Discord
Square brackets ([]) indicate an optional field, and arrow brackets (<>) indicate a required field. @user indicates a user mention. Anything in quotes indicates a literal word.
!play <song or URL>
Add a song to the queue
Skip the current song
Get the lyrics of the current song
Pause the current song
Resume the current song
View the current queue
!volume <number>
Set the current volume
Get info about the current song playing
Search for songs on YouTube
Stop all music
In order to play music, ThunderBot must have these permissions:
  • Connect to join voice channels
  • Speak in order to play music
  • Send Message Embeds to send the response for commands
  • Add Reactions to add the reaction controls
If you don't want to manage permissions, you can just give ThunderBot Administrator which will override channel defaults.
Last modified 8mo ago
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