These commands spice up your server
Square brackets ([]) indicate an optional field, and arrow brackets (<>) indicate a required field. @user indicates a user mention. Anything in quotes indicates a literal word.
Tell a dad joke
Tell the knock-knock joke of the day
Play rock-paper-scissors
!random, roll
Roll a random number between 1 and 6
Get a Chuck Norris fact
!embed <title> <description> <color>
Convert boring text to a cool message embed
Get a meme from r/memes
Get a random anime
Get info on automatic reactions
Get some advice
!wiggle <number> <message>
Get your wiggles out
!trivia ["play"] [category]
Play trivia
Search the Urban Dictionary
Find a random cat
Get a clean meme
!poll <question> <votes> <answers ...>
Generate a poll! <votes is the number of reactions any user can select.
!emoji ["a"] <emoji | emojiID>
Download a Discord emoji
Most commands, but mainly the fun commands, require the bot to have permissions to:
  • Manage Messages to provide a smoother experience with deleting certain messages that call commands
  • Add Reactions in order for Rock Paper Scissors to work
  • Use Custom Emojis in order for trivia to work
  • Send Message Embeds to send the response for commands
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