Economy commands add some competition and fun to your server.
Square brackets ([]) indicate an optional field, and arrow brackets (<>) indicate a required field. @user indicates a user mention. Anything in quotes indicates a literal word.
Work, work, work!
Beg because you're broke
!shop [page]
Take a look at the catalogue
!bal [@user]
Find your, or someone else's, balance
!inv [@user]
View your, or someone else's, inventory
!buy <itemID>
Buy an item from the shop
!give <@user> <money>
Give someone some money
!gift <@user> <item> [amount]
Gift someone an item
!gamble <amount>
Feeling lucky? Gamble!
!sell <item> <amount>
Sell stuff you don't need
Vote for the bot and get a reward
!rob <@user>
Rob somebody!
Enter peace mode and prevent anyone from robbing you
Claim your hourly coins
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